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Let Us Design A Custom Department Shoulder Patch

Our account managers and designers will work with you to take your sketches and ideas to create a beautiful design for your custom patches. We can also produce PVC, velcro, and woven patches in addition to embroidered patches.

Begin the process by filling out our Quote Request Form, sending an email to or calling us at 540-251-0392.

From Conception To Production!

1. Design

Define your design: choose your shape, size and colors. 

2. Sketch

Sketch it for us and send it our way! Or, if you have an existing patch, logo, county or town seal, land mark, etc. you want us to use as inspiration or just to update send us as many photos and images as you can!

3. Artwork

Our artists translate your ideas and sketches into a digital format.

4. Quote

We provide a quote – and move forward with production based off of your final approved design. You choose the final size / dimensions, thread colors, edge style (laser cut or merrowed edge border), backing (heat sealed or velcro), background material (embroidered or twill background), etc.

5. Quality Assurance

Final inspection and quality check!

6. Shipping

Your finished emblems are shipped to you! Or you can opt for the patches to be kept in house to be added to uniforms as needed at no charge.


Turn Around Time: There is a 19 Day Production Time AFTER the approval of the final patch concept. This does not include shipping time from the factory. We do offer an 8 Day RUSH delivery production time for an additional cost.


There is a 50 Patch Minimum but we recommend ordering a quantity of 200 - 300 to be cost effective. 


We cannot offer a physical sample patch before production.




We can easily duplicate and replicate your existing patches! If you have artwork, a good clean straight on photo, or the patch itself we can recreate your patch! If there are minor details you want updated, fixed, or changed we can do that as well!

For best results and for color matching purposes please provide a new, un-worn, un-faded, physical patch to us of your current patch to be duplicated. This patch will not be returned. Our factory can color match the thread exactly; even if it is not a thread color we have currently.



What started as a small campaign to help raise awareness, has grown into a national movement among public safety departments collectively wearing and selling pink patches in the fight against breast cancer.

The project centers on vibrant pink versions of the Department’s uniform patch, which have been specially designed by each agency for the #PinkPatchProject Campaign.


Partnering with a cancer research or support group in their community, each department is selling their patches to help fund research, treatment, and education needed to help find a cure. Police officers at each of the agencies participating in the campaign will wear these pink patches on their regular police uniforms for the entire month of October during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”


Please click here to learn more about the Pink Patch Project.

In addition to the #PinkPatchProject, we also offer the option to ‘Pick Your Cause’. We have worked with agencies on Autism Awareness, Sexual Assault Awareness, National Domestic Violence Awareness, Pediatric Cancer Awareness and any other patch variations!


Support #PINKPATCHPROJECT or 'Pick Your Cause' to create a version of your department's uniform patch in supporting a cancer research or support group in your community.

Awareness & Pink Patch Design Examples

Send Us Your Patch Idea Or Existing Patch For A Quote Today!


Begin the process by filling out our Patch Quote Request Form, and emailing it along with any additional information, pictures, questions, and time constraints you may have to:

Patch Quote Request Form

Choose Your Thread & Twill Backing Colors


Thread Colors



Twill Background Colors


Recent Patch Designs, Creations, & Orders

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